We rely on our health providers for many different services depending on what our healthcare needs are. And the healthcare providers we turn to are a business and industry themselves. Like any business, there are times where even those in the healthcare industry that may need funding services time to time.

There are many businesses out there that work as a service provider to find funding and financing services. However, they may serve a number of businesses and industries without any real specialty. For healthcare providers, Bob Nokley and his company Nokley Group are ready to help secure funding nationwide.

Bob Nokley has over 30 years of experience and he has worked with numerous providers to provide funding to healthcare providers. What brings Bob Nokley success helping his clients is that he specializes in hard to place healthcare funding. And he has a number of directions to turn to including private hedge funds as well as banks and investors. With 30 years of experience, Bob Nokley is aware of several different places he can turn to secure funding.

Bob Nokley’s company also provides a number of services including workers compensation funding and personal injury funding. Nokley Group also provides Legal, litigation funding and support, lawsuit cash advance direct and indirect end-user funding, attorney funding, dedicated capital procuring, and other services. And Bob Nokley is proud of the many services he can offer to his clients.

Bob Nokley’s business is targeted to helping secure funding for healthcare providers but that hasn’t stopped him from being knowledgeable in securing funding in areas such as energy saving projects as well. And if you visit his website nokleygroup.com you can see the many services he and his business has to offer. So if you are a healthcare provider and need help securing funding, then turn to Bob Nokley and feel comfortable relying on his years of experience.