Too many children are placed in the adoption system without a reasonable chance of being adopted. Bob Nokley, the CEO and president of the Nokley Group, sees a problem with the level of awareness of adoption issues. Family values are of the utmost importance to Bob Nokley, so he has committed himself to finding solutions for the problems surrounding adoption in the U.S.

Bob Nokley believes he can make a change in our nation. The Adoption Awareness Foundation is Bob Nokley’s attempt to help the kids that so desperately need to find families. The primary goals of the foundation are to draw attention to the problems and to offer financial aid through:

–              Creative marketing tactics to raise awareness

–              Events that generate support for the foundation and its cause

–              The distribution of grant money to various adoption efforts

The primary concern of Bob Nokley is the well being of the kids. Whether they are orphans or simply don’t have parents who are able to support them, Bob Nokley believes that all kids need a safe, loving home. The Adoption Awareness Foundation allows Bob Nokley to connect children with parents who can offer them a nurturing environment.

Bob Nokley is also focused on helping couples that wish to adopt. The foundation works to educate prospective parents on how the system works and how they can successfully bring home a child. The generosity of these parents inspires Bob Nokley to continue promoting the work of his foundation.

If you would like to get involved in the effort to raise awareness about adoption, Bob Nokley suggests that you:

 –  Spread the word. Most people don’t realize how great the need is for parents that want to adopt.

–  Attend events that promote adoption causes. The larger these events become, the more attention they can attract towards the cause.

–  If you can, donate financial support. Check out for more information.