Everywhere you look these days, someone is telling you that social media is taking over the world. Bob Nokley has taken that idea to heart. As the CEO and president of the Nokley group, Bob Nokley has a long and successful career as a businessman. His experience as an entrepreneur has taught Bob Nokley that you have to keep ahead of the curve, so he has decided to dive into the world of social media.

As a member of various social media sites, Bob Nokley has begun to make more connections with colleagues as well as friends.  Currently, Bob Nokley can be found on:

–       Facebook

–       Blogspot

–       LinkedIn

So far, Bob Nokley has most enjoyed LinkedIn. Visitors to his profile are greeted with a passionate, personal message from the executive. Bob Nokley’s personality comes across loud and clear.

The success Bob Nokley has seen from his own foray into social media has led him to utilize social media as a tool for promoting his causes as well. Most importantly, Bob Nokley has created social media accounts for his pet project, the Adoption Awareness Foundation, which can be found on Facebook and Twitter. The foundation works to raise awareness and offer assistance for the problems surrounding the adoption system.

Wanting to promote yourself or your company through social media? Here are some of Bob Nokley’s tips:

–       Let your personality shine through! Users of social media love relating with real people. Social media has become the great equalizer of our time.

–       Try out a variety of sites. There are so many to choose from! Business professionals can use the networking capabilities of LinkedIn, while creative professionals can maximize the visual impact of sites like Pinterest.

–       Take the time to interact. Your business will profit from personal interactions with real people.