Bob Nokley, who currently lives in Las Vegas, which is located in the state of Nevada, is someone who truly enjoys the great outdoors whenever he gets the opportunity to do so. Bob Nokley has been enjoying the great outdoors every chance he gets. Bob Nokley started his own business, Nokley Group, LLC, nearly 30 years ago. Bob Nokley is currently working as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Nokley Group, LLC. Bob Nokley is an extremely busy man, however, and whenever he has the chance to do so, Bob Nokley likes to enjoy many different outdoors activities. Bob Nokley likes to go fishing more than anything else.

Bob Nokley has been fishing ever since he was very young. Bob Nokley finds fishing to be a very relaxing experience that he really enjoys. Bob Nokley is perfectly happy whenever he is fishing. Whether he is fishing off the shore, just casting his fishing line into the cool water, or if he is miles out to sea on a boat enjoying some deep-sea style fishing, Bob Nokley can never get enough of the sport of fishing. Bob Nokley has even spent time ice fishing. Ice fishing involves drilling a hole through the ice and catching fish by dropping your line into the hole. Bob Nokley really enjoys all different kinds of fishing and would highly recommend that other people give fishing a try. Bob Nokley goes fishing in the many different lakes that can be found throughout the state of Nevada. Bob Nokley also drives west to California to go fishing in the Pacific Ocean whenever he gets the opportunity to do so.

Bob Nokley also enjoys going hiking whenever he has the chance to do so. Bob Nokley enjoys hiking on many different hiking trails throughout the state of Nevada.