Bob Nokley is someone who truly enjoys the great outdoors. Currently working as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of his very own company, Nokley Group, LLC, Bob Nokley does not get to spend very much time outdoors as most of his work takes place on the phone, in meetings, in offices, etc. Bob Nokley has been spending most of his free time enjoying fishing whenever he has the chance to. Bob Nokley has been fishing ever since he was a very young child. Bob Nokley believes that everyone should try out fishing at least one time in their lives.

Bob Nokley likes all different types of fishing. Bob Nokley is perfectly happy if he is simply standing off the shore of an ocean, pond, lake, river of stream, tossing his fishing line into the cool blue water. This is the most serene type of fishing there is. Bob Nokley has found this style of fishing to be extremely relaxing for him. If Bob Nokley has had a rough day at the office, Bob Nokley likes to go fishing to help clear his mind. Bob Nokley does not always keep the fish that he catches, and enjoys simple catch and release fishing, where he lets the fish that he catches go back in the water.

Bob Nokley also enjoys fishing of the deep sea variety. Deep sea fishing involves taking a boat miles out to sea to catch fish that you would be unable to catch just by simply fishing off the shore. Bob Nokley does not personally own a boat, but he rents boats whenever he is thinking about going deep sea fishing. Deep sea fishing gives fishermen the opportunity to catch some great fish that are not available off the shore. Bob Nokley highly recommends going deep sea fishing to fishermen who are looking for a more exhilarating fishing experience.