Bob Nokley has been living a very healthy life for his entire life. Bob Nokley believes that living a healthy life is extremely important for human beings to do. Bob Nokley follows several guidelines in an effort to live as healthy of a lifestyle as possible. Bob Nokley really believes in living healthy because it is good for the human body as well as the mind. Living healthy has been proven to make people feel an overall sense of general happiness.

Bob Nokley suggests eating only foods that are high in nutritional value if you are looking to live a healthy life. Bob Nokley always avoids foods that are high in fat content, caloric content, sugar, and sodium because those foods do not contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Bob Nokley suggests avoiding fast food restaurants altogether because they typically only serve foods that have next to no nutritional value. Bob Nokley gets most of his food from farmer’s markets so that he knows exactly where his food is coming from. Bob Nokley prepares meals at home so he can keep track of what exactly he is eating.

Bob Nokley believes that eating healthy foods that have a high nutritional value is one of the best ways to start living a healthy lifestyle. Bob Nokley also recommends staying as active as possible. Staying active and following a regular workout regime will allow you to live as healthy as possible. Bob Nokley recommends finding an activity that you really enjoy and have fun doing that also requires you to be physically active. For example, Bob Nokley has been playing the sport of tennis a lot lately because playing tennis is a great way to exercise. Bob Nokley gets together with other members of his community and enjoys a bit of friendly competition by playing tennis whenever he has the chance to.