As a successful entrepreneur, Bob Nokley has always been involved in the world of business. With over thirty-two years of experience in the field, Bob Nokley has built a strong and dependable business. Today, Bob Nokley works in healthcare funding with a specialization in hard to place healthcare funding projects. Bob Nokley is recognized by many in the field as being innovative and a dedicated worker. Bob Nokley’s success comes from years of experience and his ability to work with people. Many of those who work with Bob Nokley look up to him for his knowledge and past achievements in the field.

His core business in healthcare funding requires Bob Nokley to work with intuitional and private hedge funds across the country. Bob Nokley also works with banks, private investors, investment funds and more. His ability to work with hard to place healthcare funding makes Bob Nokley and important leader in this field. Bob Nokley is respected by others in the field and is recognized for his hard work. Over the years, Bob Nokley has been responsible for some of the most important placements of healthcare funding in the business. The field of healthcare funding has been greatly impacted by the work of Bob Nokley.

In addition to his success in business, Bob Nokley has been dedicated to the world of service. As the founder of the Adoption Awareness Foundation, Bob Nokley is passionate about domestic adoption in the United States. The Adoption Awareness Foundation works to provide grant funding, grant reviews and awareness for adoption domestically in the United States. Bob Nokley’s nonprofit organization is important and impacts many children in foster care in the U.S. Using his knowledge of business, entrepreneurship and funding, Bob Nokley successfully started and continues to manage this nonprofit to better the adoption services in America.