Foster care and adoption in the United States has always had a special place in the heart of Bob Nokley. With a passion for helping others, Bob Nokley founded the organization known as the Adoption Awareness Foundation. This foundation provides grant funding, grant reviews and awareness for domestic adoption in the United States. Bob Nokley’s nonprofit has helped many people and children who are affected by the foster care system. The work done by Bob Nokley has greatly impacted many who have depended on agencies like Adoption Awareness for support.

As a successful entrepreneur and businessman, Bob Nokley was able to use his knowledge of funding and the business market to successfully launch his non-for-profit organization. The Adoption Awareness Foundation has been very successful ever since. Bob Nokley recognized a need for awareness about domestic adoption and was able to start his foundation in an effort to fill that need. Many people have benefited from the work done by Bob Nokley. Today, Bob Nokley finds the most fulfillment through his work done with his nonprofit, helping those in need.

Bob Nokley’s wisdom and knowledge in business comes from over thirty-two years in the world of entrepreneurship and business. In addition to his work with the Adoption Awareness Foundation, Bob Nokley has worked in healthcare funding, specializing in hard to place healthcare funding. Over the years, Bob Nokley has made many connections in the field working with intuitional and private hedge funds throughout the country, as well as banks, private investors and investment funds. Through his connections and networks, Bob Nokley was able to build a strong and reliable business that has been at the forefront of his field.

Bob Nokley continues to work hard today juggling both of his businesses successfully. Many look to Bob Nokley as the man who can do it all.