Bob Nokley has been able to create a career for himself. Bob Nokley is someone who always knew that he did not want to work for anybody but himself over the course of his professional career. Working for someone else is just not something that Bob Nokley was ever interested in. Knowing the only way he could be his own boss was to be an entrepreneur, Bob Nokley set out to start his very own company. Bob Nokley has successfully launched the Nokley Group, LLC.

Nokley Group, LLC started out very small, but has been able to grow and flourish over recent months. For close to 30 years, Bob Nokley has been working as the President and the Chief Executive Officer of Nokley Group, LLC. Nokley Group, LLC has been an amazing success thanks to the great and smart business moves that Bob Nokley has been able to make. Bob Nokley has made incredibly great investments in a variety of areas. Bob Nokley and the Nokley Group, LLC have stood the test of time. Nokley Group, LLC has gone from being a small one-man office, to an international company.

Bob Nokley and the Nokley Group, LLC’s core business is medical-based funding as well as starting new businesses. In addition to that, Bob Nokley and the Nokley Group, LLC have made great investments by purchasing and even selling other businesses. Bob Nokley has made many great decisions with the businesses he has bought, sold, and invested in over the past three decades. If you are looking for someone to assist you with making smart investments, look no further than Bob Nokley. Bob Nokley has a proven track record of success when it comes to making smart investments that really end up helping people. Bob Nokley will continue to make smart investments to make sure that his business continues to be a success.


Bob Nokley has been working at the same company ever since he started it. As a successful entrepreneur, Bob Nokley is the creator, founder, owner, and operator of Nokley Group, LLC. Nokley Group, LLC is a fantastic company that is dedicated to working with medical-based funding. Bob Nokley and the rest of the talented staff at Nokley are also fully dedicated to working with starting new businesses. Starting a new, successful business is something that Bob Nokley is very knowledgeable about.

Bob Nokley has been extremely successful with starting Nokley Group, LLC, and knows exactly what it takes to start a new business that will flourish. Bob Nokley and the Nokley Group are responsible for buying businesses. If a business is for sale and seems to be profitable, Bob Nokley and the Nokley Group, LLC are very interested in hearing about the company. Bob Nokley and the Nokley Group, LLC are also interested in selling businesses. Sometimes businesses are for sale and need to be sold immediately. Should this be the case for your business, contact the Nokley Group, LLC, immediately.

Bob Nokley’s foundation has been able to stand the test of time for many different reasons. Bob Nokley, who is currently working as the Chief Executive Officer of Nokley Group, LLC, has been able to adapt to change whenever needed, which is one of the reasons why Nokley Group, LLC has been around and successful for nearly 30 years.

With over 30 years of entrepreneurship experience, Bob Nokley has been able to take his business and turn it into a massive success. Nokley Group, LLC has been growing pretty much since it has opened. Bob Nokley will continue to work hard to make sure that Bob Nokley remains a success. Nokley Group, LLC employees are happy to have Bob Nokley as their Chief Executive Officer.

Bob Nokley has always been known as an extremely hard worker. Bob Nokley has worked hard for his entire life to ensure the success of his company. Bob Nokley is the founder, creator, owner, and current Chief Executive Officer of Nokley Group, LLC. Nokley Group, LLC specializes in medical-based funding as well as starting, buying, or even selling different businesses. Bob Nokley has enjoyed a lot of success with Nokley Group, LLC. Bob Nokley’s open-minded process helps to identify quality probabilities and opportunities. If you are looking for the best way to obtain results, Bob Nokley recommends understanding the importance of business as well as relationship dynamics.

Bob Nokley does not spend ALL of his time working for Nokley Group, LLC, however. Bob Nokley is currently residing in the fabulous city of Las Vegas, which is located in the state of Nevada. Las Vegas is a hugely popular tourist destination. Bob Nokley knows that millions and millions of people from all over the world travel to Las Vegas to enjoy the many great fun and exciting attractions that can be found there. Bob Nokley really loves living in the city of Las Vegas for many different reasons. Bob Nokley has spent a lot of nights enjoying the world-class entertainment that is completely prevalent throughout the city of Las Vegas. Bob Nokley attends shows in Las Vegas whenever he has the free time to do so. Bob Nokley has seen many different shows in the city of Las Vegas. Bob Nokley would highly recommend traveling to the city of Las Vegas if you are looking for a fantastic destination.

Bob Nokley has also spent some time in the casinos around the Las Vegas area. Las Vegas is known for being an “adult playground,” where people can gamble their money as they see fit. Bob Nokley has enjoyed quite a bit of success in the casinos.

Everywhere you look these days, someone is telling you that social media is taking over the world. Bob Nokley has taken that idea to heart. As the CEO and president of the Nokley group, Bob Nokley has a long and successful career as a businessman. His experience as an entrepreneur has taught Bob Nokley that you have to keep ahead of the curve, so he has decided to dive into the world of social media.

As a member of various social media sites, Bob Nokley has begun to make more connections with colleagues as well as friends.  Currently, Bob Nokley can be found on:

–       Facebook

–       Blogspot

–       LinkedIn

So far, Bob Nokley has most enjoyed LinkedIn. Visitors to his profile are greeted with a passionate, personal message from the executive. Bob Nokley’s personality comes across loud and clear.

The success Bob Nokley has seen from his own foray into social media has led him to utilize social media as a tool for promoting his causes as well. Most importantly, Bob Nokley has created social media accounts for his pet project, the Adoption Awareness Foundation, which can be found on Facebook and Twitter. The foundation works to raise awareness and offer assistance for the problems surrounding the adoption system.

Wanting to promote yourself or your company through social media? Here are some of Bob Nokley’s tips:

–       Let your personality shine through! Users of social media love relating with real people. Social media has become the great equalizer of our time.

–       Try out a variety of sites. There are so many to choose from! Business professionals can use the networking capabilities of LinkedIn, while creative professionals can maximize the visual impact of sites like Pinterest.

–       Take the time to interact. Your business will profit from personal interactions with real people.

Too many children are placed in the adoption system without a reasonable chance of being adopted. Bob Nokley, the CEO and president of the Nokley Group, sees a problem with the level of awareness of adoption issues. Family values are of the utmost importance to Bob Nokley, so he has committed himself to finding solutions for the problems surrounding adoption in the U.S.

Bob Nokley believes he can make a change in our nation. The Adoption Awareness Foundation is Bob Nokley’s attempt to help the kids that so desperately need to find families. The primary goals of the foundation are to draw attention to the problems and to offer financial aid through:

–              Creative marketing tactics to raise awareness

–              Events that generate support for the foundation and its cause

–              The distribution of grant money to various adoption efforts

The primary concern of Bob Nokley is the well being of the kids. Whether they are orphans or simply don’t have parents who are able to support them, Bob Nokley believes that all kids need a safe, loving home. The Adoption Awareness Foundation allows Bob Nokley to connect children with parents who can offer them a nurturing environment.

Bob Nokley is also focused on helping couples that wish to adopt. The foundation works to educate prospective parents on how the system works and how they can successfully bring home a child. The generosity of these parents inspires Bob Nokley to continue promoting the work of his foundation.

If you would like to get involved in the effort to raise awareness about adoption, Bob Nokley suggests that you:

 –  Spread the word. Most people don’t realize how great the need is for parents that want to adopt.

–  Attend events that promote adoption causes. The larger these events become, the more attention they can attract towards the cause.

–  If you can, donate financial support. Check out for more information.

We rely on our health providers for many different services depending on what our healthcare needs are. And the healthcare providers we turn to are a business and industry themselves. Like any business, there are times where even those in the healthcare industry that may need funding services time to time.

There are many businesses out there that work as a service provider to find funding and financing services. However, they may serve a number of businesses and industries without any real specialty. For healthcare providers, Bob Nokley and his company Nokley Group are ready to help secure funding nationwide.

Bob Nokley has over 30 years of experience and he has worked with numerous providers to provide funding to healthcare providers. What brings Bob Nokley success helping his clients is that he specializes in hard to place healthcare funding. And he has a number of directions to turn to including private hedge funds as well as banks and investors. With 30 years of experience, Bob Nokley is aware of several different places he can turn to secure funding.

Bob Nokley’s company also provides a number of services including workers compensation funding and personal injury funding. Nokley Group also provides Legal, litigation funding and support, lawsuit cash advance direct and indirect end-user funding, attorney funding, dedicated capital procuring, and other services. And Bob Nokley is proud of the many services he can offer to his clients.

Bob Nokley’s business is targeted to helping secure funding for healthcare providers but that hasn’t stopped him from being knowledgeable in securing funding in areas such as energy saving projects as well. And if you visit his website you can see the many services he and his business has to offer. So if you are a healthcare provider and need help securing funding, then turn to Bob Nokley and feel comfortable relying on his years of experience.


There are many challenges that face small and large business owners. However, one of the greatest challenges a business may face is the need to find fund

ing to keep the business alive and thriving. Some business owners are great at running their business but don’t know where to begin when it comes to securing funding for their business. Fortunately, there are companies out there that dedicate themselves to help secure funding and financing for other companies.

Bob Nokley is one of the many people who help other businesses find funding and financing. However, Bob Nokley’s business is dedicated to help healthcare providers nationwide. And Bob Nokley has plenty of experience. He started off as an entrepreneur in the field and now has over 30 years of experience to help him.

Bob Nokley is proud to help businesses in the healthcare industry. They help doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, imaging centers, surgery centers, nursing homes, etc. If it is a business related to the health industry, Bob Nokley is honored to provide the service that best fits the needs of his clients. And since Bob Nokley has so many years of experience, he knows different places to look.


The resources for financing that Bob Nokley is ready to pull from include banks, private equity firms, hedge funds, private investors, and more. He even specializes in hard to place healthcare funding as well. So if you have a business related to the health industry or one of the many healthcare providers that work hard to keep people healthy than you can count on Bob Nokley to help find funding for you. He is proud of his 30 years of experience and as an entrepreneur knows how important your business is both for you and your family but for the community you serve as well.